Admissions Timetable (2023 entry)

9 May 2022 Test registration opens

You can register your child for the entrance test from this date. You will receive an email acknowledgement immediately after submitting your registration to confirm it has been successful. Following registration, you will be sent a further email in due course advising you of the venue of the test. 

All costs associated with the entrance test, including the test itself, are paid for by the grammar schools - the test is not to be used as a practice or ‘mock test’ by candidates with no intention of applying for a place at any of The Grammar Schools in Birmingham.

Should you decide to register for the optional entrance test and it is deemed that your home address is not within a reasonable commutable distance to The Grammar Schools in Birmingham, you will be contacted by the Admissions Office to provide further information to support your application to sit the test – this will include a request for evidence of your intention to relocate, such as a recent offer of employment in the area.   

15 June 2022 Reasonable adjustments deadline This is the deadline for requesting reasonable adjustments are made to the entrance test to allow your child to access the paper, if for example they have a disability. Requests for adjustments must be submitted by this date along with all relevant evidence. Contact the Admissions office to request the relevant form. 
30 June 2022 4pm Test registration deadline 4pm is the deadline for registering for the entrance test. It is not possible to register for the test after this time. 
September 2022 Test information You will be sent information about the test and procedure for the day of the test. This will be posted to your home address. If you have not received this by 13 September, contact the Admissions office. Do not contact the office before 13 September.  
17 September 2022 Entrance test Your child sits the entrance test on this date. It is likely that two sessions will be held (AM and PM). Your child will be allocated a session and you should therefore keep the whole of 17 September free from commitments.
21 October 2022 Results The entrance test results will be sent prior to you completing your Local Authority preference form - Note this is not the offer of a place. 
31 October 2022 Preference form deadline You must have applied for school places via your local authority by this date. You are advised to wait for the entrance test results before applying for school places.
1 March 2023 School offer 1 March or next working day is the national date for local authorities to notify parents which school their child has been offered.