Admissions Timetable (2020 entry)

  • Test Registration opens - Wednesday 1 May 2019

Information brochures are available from each of the schools and you may register online. An information brochure is available to download here.


  • Deadline for Disability Requests for Adjustments to the Test - Wednesday 19 June 2019

If your child has a disability and/or requires additional resources to sit the test you should contact us for a disability form and return no later than this date.


  • Test Registration deadline - Friday 28 June 2019 at 4pm

If your form has been successfully submitted you will receive an automatic email immediately following submission. You will receive a second acknowledgement within 15 working days of receipt.

Registrations after this date will not be accepted and children will not be able to take the test.


  • Grammar Schools Entrance Test Date - Saturday 7 September 2019


  • Grammar Schools Test Results - by 18 October 2019   

The entrance test results will be received prior to you completing your Local Authority preference form - Note this is not the offer of a place.


  • Local Authority Preference form deadline - 31 October 2019

All parents must complete a preference form in addition to registering your child for the test. These are distributed through primary schools or available through your home Local Authority. The Grammar Schools in Birmingham does not issue preference forms.