You will receive your child's test score by Friday 16 October 2020 prior to you completing your Local Authority preference form by 31 October 2020. Parents/carers can then decide whether or not to include any of the Grammar Schools in Birmingham on their home Local Authority preference form.  If your child does not achieve the qualifying score or above they will not be considered for a place and you should not list the school on your child's preference form. 

The scores for each section are standardised to take into account differences in age, meaning younger children are not disadvantaged compared to children in the same cohort who could be almost a year older.

We do not provide raw scores and we do not provide information that details how many available marks there are in each section or in the test as a whole.

The multiple choice answer sheets are scanned and marked by a computer. We do not re-mark answer sheets. The entrance test score provided in the results letter is accurate and any re-mark would result in the same test score.


Offers will be made by your Local Authority on 2 March 2020 for 2020 intake and 1 March 2021 for 2021 intake. For further details please see your Local Authority’s website.  

All Local Authorities must operate an equal preference system so, if your child meets the criteria for two or more schools, the Local Authority will offer them a place at the school ranked highest on your preference form.  Therefore, if you put a grammar school first on your preference form but your child is not offered a place, you will not put at risk the chance of them being offered a place at any other school you have listed.  Your child’s application for other schools will be treated in the same way as every other application.  For example, it will depend on the distance between your home and the school for most non selective or faith schools.

Your child will automatically be placed on the waiting list for any schools listed higher than the school offered on your preference form providing they have achieved the qualifying score or above. 


  2018 intake (Pupil Premium) 2019 intake (Pupil Premium) 2020 intake (Pupil Premium)
Bishop Vesey's Grammar School 222 (204) 228 (204) TBC
King Edward VI Aston School 220 (205)
225 (206) TBC
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys 242 (229)
249 (222) TBC
King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls 236 (219) 238 (221) TBC
King Edward VI Five Ways School

232 (207)

237 (213) TBC
King Edward VI Handsworth Grammar School for Boys 208 (N/A) 219 (N/A) TBC
King Edward VI Handsworth School for Girls 224 (209) 226 (213) TBC
Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls 218 (N/A) 221 (N/A) TBC