If your child is unable to sit tests on Saturdays for religious reasons we are able to arrange an alternative date. Please tick the box on the registration form and email a supporting letter from your religious leader if you would like us to do this. An alternative date will not be offered without a supporting letter. This letter must be submitted no later than Friday 26 June 2020.


If your child has a disability and/or requires additional resources to sit the test, you must email admissions@ske.uk.net to request an additional form to complete.  You MUST also tick the relevant box when registering your child's details for the test. It is the parents / carers responsibility to ensure that this additional form has been requested and returned by the deadline (please note this is earlier than the test registration deadline).

You will be asked to describe your child’s disability and how this may impact their ablity to access the entrance test.  You MUST supply relevant evidence and supporting information from your child's primary school detailing what arrangements are currently put in place for your child. 

A panel of specialists will meet in July to consider your request(s) for adjustments to ensure your child is not placed at a disadvantage due to any disablity.  Equally the panel must be mindful not to place any child at an unfair advantage over other candidates.  For example if a child struggles with extended periods of writing, the panel would not grant additional time as it is a multiple choice test with no writing involved.

The deadline to return the form is Wednesday 17 June 2020. 

If this form has not been completed and returned to the Grammar Schools in Birmingham by the deadline NO special arrangements can be considered for your child in this test.

Please note that this date is earlier than the test registration deadline and that information provided after this date will not be considered.



You MUST telephone the admissions office by midday on the morning of the test if your child is unwell.  Contact details will be provided in the letter sent to you prior to the test.  

A medical note will need to be submitted for an alternative date to be arranged.

An alternative date will not be offered without medical evidence.